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International Exchange in September

Dr Chih-Hsiu Cheng is conducting the short-term research at the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, United States. He recently visited several states to meet faculty and staff in the Department of Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Science, and Athletic Training of the University of Nebraska, the Department of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science of the University of Iowa, and the Department of Kinesiology of the Iowa State University for international academic and research collaboration. We look forward to future collaboration with these prestigious deparments.

SIU cheng2 cheng3

 University of Nebraska Medical Center 

Dr. Ka-Chun Siu (left1),  Associate Professor & Director of Global Health Opportunity Program.
Dr.Betsy Becker (left2), Chair of Department of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences and Program director .
Dr. Joseph Norman(right1), Professor of Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

 Iowa State University 

Dr. Li-Shan Chou, Chair in Department of Kinesiology at the Iowa State University.

  University of Iowa 

Dr. Richard Shields, Chair & Department Executive Officer, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science.



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