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The purpose of this department is to complete the basic medical and physiotherapy professional learning, and to cultivate outstanding clinical physiotherapists and enhance professionalism, expanding the diversified academic research atmosphere of physical therapy and rehabilitation related profession. Also to nurture physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals in research and technology senior talents.


In view of the transformation of social structure, the need for medical care for chronic diseases caused by aging society, and the improvement of health quality requirements of Chinese people, etc., physiotherapy and rehabilitation medicine are increasingly valued. Therefore, the school established the Department of Physical Therapy in the Republic of China in 1993 and set up a master class in 1991. And to establish a more physiotherapy education system, a doctoral program was established in 1998. To respond to the needs of society for physiotherapy and rehabilitation medicine related clinical professional and academic research personnel.


Physical therapy is aimed at promoting and maintaining human health, rehabilitating people with disabilities, and maximizing their function. Use scientific principles to evaluate and use physical agents as a method of treatment and prevention. The department emphasizes both theory and practice and recruits specialists with rich clinical experience to provide students with all-round learning. With the abundant resources of Chang Gung Medical System, it provides complete and first-class internships and research sites. In addition to cultivating and training outstanding physiotherapy and rehabilitation-related professionals to improve the quality of current and future rehabilitation medical services, we will also focus on expanding the diversity of physiotherapy and rehabilitation-related professional academic research practices, cultivating integrated engineering, basic science. And research talents in clinical medicine and other knowledge to enhance the overall quality of clinical rehabilitation and basic research.


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