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兒童物理治療暨復健科學研究室(Laboratory for Pediatric Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science)

實驗室負責人:劉文瑜 副教授

簡    介 (Introduction)
  • 長庚大學兒童物理治療暨復健科學研究室及合作伙伴的研究著重在更佳瞭解兒童的動作控制與學習,尋求適用於台灣兒童之量化身體相關的活動和參與的成效測試及流程,以及辨識較佳的物理治療介入。研究的方向包括站立下前置性姿勢控制、步態分析、健康相關生活品質在不同兒童情況。這些情況包括腦性麻痺、妥瑞症、高危險群嬰幼兒。在不同研究計劃間有相互連結間,長庚大學兒童物理治療暨復健科學研究室首重成為一個能從不同面向來瞭解研究問題的合作研究團隊。
  • Throughout the laboratory for pediatric physical therapy and rehabilitation science at the CGU and its collaborators, research is under way to better understand the motor control and learning of children, to test optimal outcome measurements and procedures for quantifying measurements for physical-related activity and participation in Taiwanese children, and to identify optimal physical therapy intervention. Projects include but are not limited to, anticipatory postural adjustments in standing, gait analysis, and health-related quality of life in various pediatric conditions. These conditions include cerebral palsy, Tourette syndrome, and high-risk infants. There are overlaps and connections among the various research projects, and the laboratory for pediatric physical therapy and rehabilitation science at the CGU has made it a priority to develop collaborative teams that explore research problems from a variety of perspectives.
進行中的研究計劃  (  Current Projects)
          Adaptation and Clinical Feasibility of Powered Mobile Stander Toys for Young Children with Cerebral Palsy(腦性麻痺幼童之站立電動遊戲車的改良設計及臨床測試評估)(106/01/01 108/12/31) – Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology (科技部
環境介紹  (Our Facilities)


學   生
學術活動 (Academic Events)

07/15腦性麻痺的實證物理治療:On Track 研究之應用(Evidence-Based Physical Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy: Clinical Application of “On Track Study”
                                  -Dr. Sarah Westcott McCoy           
07/15兒童復健科技工程(Pediatric Rehabilitation Engineering)
                           -Dr. Sarah Westcott McCoy
10/20Promoting children’s self-determination in pediatric rehabilitation: the US experiences
                 -Dr. Robert Palisano
10/21 ~10/22 2013家長增能高峰會(2013 Parent Empowerment Summit)
               -Dr. Eva Björck-Åkesson & Dr. Mats Granlund
10/21Multi-site Research Challenges: HINT and Move & PLAY Research Studies
                        -Dr. Sarah Westcott McCoy