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About us
Physical therapy professionals enhance and protect people's health, promote the recovery of persons suffering from illnesses and injuries, and enable recovering patients to function to the fullest possible extent. Established in 1994, this Department employs a small class format to better train clinical physical therapists with professional knowledge of basic medicine and physical therapy, thereby raising the standards of the profession. Our instructional approach places balanced emphasis on theory and practical applications. We provide students with opportunities to engage in well-rounded learning by recruiting outstanding specialists with clinical experience to serve as our faculty.
We established our Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Science in 2001 in order to promote broad-based research in the fields of physical therapy and rehabilitation, while training high-level researchers and technicians in these areas. Besides training outstanding physical therapy and rehabilitation professionals and raising the current and future quality of rehabilitation care, we are also encouraging academic research in many aspects of physical therapy and rehabilitation. We are training personnel with integrated engineering, basic science, and clinical medical knowledge in order to enhance their suitability with regard to clinical rehabilitation and basic research.
     In order to provide students with versatile educational opportunities so to promote the competitiveness of our graduates on the medical, educational, leisure, and health living job markets, several specially-designed curricular programs were in turn commenced in the department: 1) Special Education Program—equipping students competency for special/adapted education; 2) Athletic Training Program and National Fitness Instructor Certification—for the professional, general, and leisure sports job markets; 3) Healthy Aging and Aging Care—for the long-term care and elderly related business job markets.
To develop high-end and advanced professionals and researchers in the physical therapy, rehabilitation, and health promotion disciplines, the doctoral program was formally set up in 2009, to integrate the fundamental and clinical medical, as well as medical engineering, evidence-based medical efficacy and mechanisms. In addition, this program also aims aggressively at the foreseeing assistive technology, and the various applications in the clinics and related markets.
Our graduates have the option of engaging in clinical physical therapy work, continuing their education, or performing research and teaching. In response to the present trend towards educational diversification, we plan to expand our students' involvement in medical and educational roles. As Taiwan's population ages and chronic illness becomes more common, there will be an increasing need for physical therapists, ensuring that the profession enjoys ample room for future development. In order to expand our long-term care research and create an educational environment fostering concern for humanity, the long-term care organization of Chang Gung Taoyuan Rehabilitation Hospital and the Healthy Living Culture Village will provide basic and clinical research subjects and a clinical practice environment for long-term care of the elderly and those with chronic conditions. This will enable us to bring about a closer fusion of theory and practice. We hope to instill concern for humanity and high ethical standards in our students through a high-minded and rigorous educational approach.